Nodes managed by progfiguration

Module Contents#



A data structure for an inventory node.

class progfiguration.inventory.nodes.InventoryNode#

A data structure for an inventory node.

address: str#

The hostname or IP address used to connect over SSH

ssh_host_fingerprint: str#

The SSH host key fingerprint

roles: Dict[str, Any]#

Role arguments for this node.

The key is the role name, and the value is the role argument.

user: str = 'root'#

The username used to connect over SSH

sitedata: Dict[str, Any] | None#

Any site-specific data can be stored here.

You can store any data you want here. You might include a serial number, a notes field, a location, etc.


If this is True, ‘progfiguration apply’ will refuse to run.

Useful for inspecting early state in machines that run ‘progfigsite apply’ on boot.